Mar 28, 2015

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Watching Football While on Holiday in Spain

Watching Football While on Holiday in Spain

Spain is a wonderful travel destination for so many reasons. As well as the sun, the beaches and the food you could also decide to watch a football game while you are here.

Some of the world’s most famous clubs and fanatical supporters are found here. So what do you need to know?

The Biggest Teams

When you think of Spanish football you probably automatically think of Real Madrid and Barcelona. These are two of the most successful teams in the world and feature many of the world’s best players in them.   Getting a ticket for the big matches won’t be easy and it won’t be cheap either. If you don’t manage to head along to the stadium then watching a game with fans in a local bar can be a fantastic experience. Both of these clubs offer a tour of their stadiums as well, which can be a wonderful day out for you. Of course, with Madrid and Barcelona being such fantastic cities, you will find plenty to do here apart from watching the football.

The Other Teams

There is a lot more to football in Spain than just Real Madrid and Barcelona. No matter where you go in the country you are likely to be close to some great action. Sevilla, Real Sociedad, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao are a few of the other top teams you have possibly heard of. A trip to see any of these teams is going to give you a fun day out and possibly a top class match as well. Many Spanish football fans love their team passionately and see the games as an important day out. Don’t forget that if you can’t go to a game you find the Spanish football odds to bet on William Hill.

Other Points to Remember

One issue to bear in mind is that midweek games often kick off far later than in the UK. If you have to travel far to your hotel after the game then it could be a hassle getting public transport. On the other hand, games held during the day can take place during very hot and sunny conditions. As for the language used, you might already know “goal” is “gol” and that “tiki- taka” refers to the intricate passing sequences that Barcelona and the Spanish national team have made famous recently. You will enjoy the experience more if you also look up the Spanish translations for a few of the most common football words and phrases before you go. Words such as “corner” and “penalti” will be easily recognisable but there are others words and phrases that you will want to study in order to understand them.

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