Oct 10, 2014

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Unmissable Murcia – The Best of Costa Blanca

Unmissable Murcia – The Best of Costa Blanca

Flanked by the Mediterranean Sea, boasting magnificent beaches and subtropical weather, it’s easy to see why tourists flock to Costa Blanca. Amidst the touristic creature comforts found in Torrevieja and Benidorm, the ancient city of Murcia is one of Spain’s unsung heroes. Discover our hotly tipped Murcia recommendations and find out why it’s a serious contender for Costa Blanca’s best city.

Marvel at the Impressive Real Casino de Murcia

Beautiful buildings don’t come much better than The Real Casino- a resplendent gambling house dating back to the 1800’s. Restored to its former glory over a 4 year period, the magnificent building is now a fully functioning private club but opens its doors to tourists during daytime hours.

The 12 room Real Casino de Murcia is a haven of gorgeous wood carvings, opulent furnishings and terrific architectural details. The front façade was designed by famous architect Pedro Cerdan Martinez and produced by sculptor Manuel Castaños. The impressive stonework was completed in 1902 and combines eclectic and modernist elements.
Be sure to pay a visit to the ballroom- this is the only space which was left out of the restoration project and still boasts its original 1875 design. Fabulous paintings, ornate chandeliers and gold coated features create a regal atmosphere which begs to be experienced.

Watch a live performance at the famous Romea Theatre



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Nestled in-between unassuming buildings and the famous town hall, The Romea Theatre is a hidden treasure. The grand building looks positively majestic; red velvet decor with gold trim, 3 level upper circles and striking lighting make for a truly spectacular theatre experience.

The theatre has been in operation for over 150 years, so it must be doing something right. Now considered the most iconic cultural venue in Murcia, visit for a tour or indulge in a live performance. Opera, dance and musical performances are all on the menu and if you fancy a bit of a history lesson, the museum exhibition is highly recommended.

Bask and Bathe at Mar Menor


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Saltwater lakes are underrated and Murcia is home to the biggest one in Europe. With a surface area of 170km and clear water which is less than 7m in depth, the gigantic swimming pool is a hit with Hollywood superstar and swimmer extraordinaire Esther Williams.

Mar Menor which translates as little sea is popular with locals and tourists alike due to its above average high temperatures, rare rainfall and unspoilt beauty. Top up your tan, swim in serene water or visit the surrounding resort of La Manga.

Enjoy Michelin star Spanish fare at Restaurante La Cabana

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Food is a huge part of travelling and the tasting menu at La Cabana is certainly worth saving up for. At €64.95 for 14 miniature courses which are brought out over a 4 and a half hour period, you’ll need to work up a strong appetite. Sample artisan Spanish fare in a visually stunning section as courses such as tuna Carpaccio and smoked veal are presented for your pleasure.

We’ve only just scratched the surface of the list of things you can do in Murcia. The best way to really experience the city is to visit first hand. Los Locos Beach offer fully furnished, self-catering apartments in the heart of Torrevieja- a gorgeous beach resort situated in-between Murcia, Benidorm and Valencia.

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