Sep 16, 2016

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See the Best of Spain on a Budget

See the Best of Spain on a Budget




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Spain is always a great place to explore. You can enjoy the beauty of Northern Spain or have a great time exploring inland Spain on an extended road trip. More importantly, you can do these things – and enjoy the best of Spain – even when you’re on a tight budget.

If you’re planning a trip to Spain and you want to keep it affordable, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we are going to cover the best tips on how to see Spain on a budget. Let’s get started, shall we?

Plan (Way) Ahead

Spain is such a popular destination to visit. Although you can find plenty of last-minute deals and even pick up a few bargain tickets at auction sites, it is always better to book ahead; the further ahead you book the better. Being a popular destination, you can find a lot of spectacular deals on flights and hotels.

All you have to do is search online. Round-trip flights for 80% off? The best hotels for as little as £15 a night? All of these fantastic deals can be found online. Don’t forget to check out travel packages and bundled deals too. You can save a lot on your trip with the right package.

Find Free Activities

The best thing about visiting Spain is that you have so much to do while you’re here. To make it even better, there are quite a lot of things you can do in Spain for free. Take a quick drive to the Playa de la Concha Beach and you can spend an entire day playing at the beautiful beach for free. San Sebastian and other holiday destinations are home to a wealth of free activities.

You can even find parties with free drinks at certain destinations. Spain is famous for its amazing night scene and parties; you can be part of the excitement just by attending the best parties in town.

Travel Together

Another great way to explore Spain – especially on a budget – is by traveling with friends or relatives. The destinations in Spain are all very interesting to explore together. More importantly, you can share the costs of the trip and make them more affordable.

A trip to Ibiza with a few of your close friends, for example, can be very budget-friendly and just as exciting. You can find the best luxury villas Ibiza has to offer and share an entire house.


Assuming you travel with 4 friends, the cost of accommodation can be as low as £20 per person; for that amount of money, you’re getting a beautiful, luxurious villa nonetheless.

Go Local

Spain also has a lot of affordable restaurants and amenities. Instead of eating at the hotel or near tourist attractions, try to do some urban exploring and go further into the city you’re visiting. You’ll be surprised by how affordable the local restaurants can be.

With these tips we just discussed, visiting Spain can be very budget-friendly indeed. Plan your next trip to the country and prepare for an amazing experience.

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