Apr 14, 2015

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Important Things To Think About When Organising Your Move To Spain

Important Things To Think About When Organising Your Move To Spain

Moving to a foreign country, like Spain, to live, can give you a fresh start  However, it is not as simple as gathering together enough money to move and just heading on a plane.  There is a lot of planning involved and if you are looking for more information regarding what you need and what you need to do, you’ve come to the right place.  In the following article that is exactly what you will find.

Learn The Language

Although in the tourist areas, there are plenty of English speaking people, it is a good idea if you are planning on a long stay in Spain, to learn the language.  Arrange to take a basic course allowing yourself enough time to learn before you plan on flying out there.

Consider Your Employment Options

As it would be if you were simply moving to a different part of the UK, you need to look at your employment options before you move to Spain.  It is often a wise idea to look for work online and get a job before you arrive.

Think About Healthcare Costs

Another important consideration you need to make before going to Spain, is how you are going to cover healthcare costs.  If you are keeping residency in the UK and living temporarily in Spain, even if it’s a few years you will need to look for a British based company to cover you,whereas if the move to Spain is a permanent one, you will need to speak to a Spanish company.

Get Translated Copies Of Important Documents

Obviously having original copies of your important documents is important.  However, as a lot of the organisations and companies you will be dealing with will consider Spanish as their primary language; you need to get your documents translated into Spanish.  This will help avoid delays when you are trying to arrange and organise payments and other important things concerning life abroad.

Buy Electronics Before You Go

While it may be sensible and reduce the cost of travelling, leaving a lot of electronic purchases until you are on Spanish soil may cause you more problems than it prevents.  Language intensive gadgets such as computers and laptops, are better bought back home in the UK, as you will ensure that you get an English keyboard with English language settings as default.

Sort Your Mail Out

Don’t forget that even though you are abroad, many of organisations and companies will only be aware of this if you inform them before you go.  You can sort this out directly with them once you have the dates of your stay and address to send letters and other mail to you.  You can also organise a redirect in many situations for other mail, to ensure that nothing I delivered to your empty house back in the UK.

Consider How You Will Travel Round Spain

Obviously it is important to think about how you plan to get around when you are in Spain.  Speak to your insurance and see if your current policy will cover driving in a foreign country; or if you are intending on using public transport, investigate the connections available and any of the rules and fares that you need to know about.


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