Aug 6, 2017

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How to Travel with Your In-Laws Without Losing Your Mind

How to Travel with Your In-Laws Without Losing Your Mind




So, your in-laws are itching to take a big family vacation and you are starting to panic. You are not alone. Traveling with in-laws is something that causes many grown adults to become anxious and fearful. Unless you have a great relationship with your in-laws, you are most likely worried about being stuck with them for long periods of time.

Don’t worry! You can survive a vacation with your in-laws. We have some tips for you to help you prepare for the trip ahead of time and how to stay sane while you are on vacation. If you follow these rules, you may even have fun!

Plan Ahead

First things first, you must plan ahead. Have an open discussion with your partner about his/her family’s vacation habits. For example, are they the type who likes to stay very busy or do they like to lounge on the beach all day? Are they interested in outdoorsy activities or visiting museums or both?

After getting a feel for the type of vacationers your in-laws are, you need to have a talk with them to plan the adventure. You must figure out the dates that work best for everyone, as well as discuss money. I know discussing money with the in-laws may sound like an awful idea, but it is much better than realizing they are wanting something cheap when you are wanting something lavish.

Separate Spaces Are Sanity Savers

If you are all crammed together in the same space for several days, someone is going to lose it. For your sanity, it is best to sleep in a separate space. We know this looks different for everyone, but just to give you a few examples. Get separate hotel rooms. Take two separate RV’s to the campground. If you rent a house, make sure it has a separate space for your family. For instance, your own bedroom and bathroom.

Take Breaks From Each Other

Along the same lines as separate spaces, you should take breaks from each other and this should be perfectly acceptable. Have a plan for personal time each day. When you are ready to be social again, have a signal such as putting out RV patio mats.

Rather than rudely stalking off mid-conversation, plan to escape for exercise (or naptime) daily. If you have children, see if your in-laws are willing to babysit so you may go on a date. If there are activities everyone is not interested in, choose a day when you can go do your choice activities without the group.

Have Fun

Let’s face it – you need to get to know your in-laws. When you travel with your in-laws, it gives you an opportunity to get to know them in a new way. For example, you may see what they like when they are resting or stressed.

Most importantly, have fun! You are using your vacation days and money to take this trip. Make the most of it by playing games, telling stories, and laughing together. There is no doubt your family vacation will leave you with meaningful memories, so try your best to embrace it.

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