Jul 14, 2016

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FAQs on Car Hire Damage Waiver

FAQs on Car Hire Damage Waiver



Car hire insurance can be tricky to comprehend, especially when there’s lots of complex jargon and fine print that needs to be carefully perused. Here, you’ll find some simple FAQs on car hire damage waiver insurance, designed to hopefully answer some of your most important questions.

What is car hire damage waiver insurance?

Also known as car hire excess insurance, this is a type of insurance which protects you in case you are required to pay an excess, or any repair costs if your rental vehicle has become damaged. Most of these policies operate on an excess reimbursement basis – so you’ll pay the excess upfront and have it reimbursed by your policy at a later date.

What type of damage is covered under this insurance?

Most of the insurance policies that are sold by the car hire company notoriously don’t always nclude damage to windows, the undercarriage or the roof – typically the most vulnerable areas of a car. The excess amount – so, the amount that you are financially liable for – could be as high as £1,500.

Independently bought car hire excess insurance typically covers damage to all of these areas, as well as the roof, the tyres and the wheels. Some of these policies also cover damage caused by fire or vandalism, as well as theft of the hire car.

Does this insurance cover all vehicles?

It’s worth checking with your policy provider. Some car hire damage waiver insurance policies don’t include vehicles like campervans, caravans or motor homes. Others will not accept motorbikes, mopeds or off-road vehicles.

The age of the vehicle can come into play, too.

What is not included in this cover?

It’s important to bear in mind that you won’t be protected if damage is caused as a result of you violating the road laws of the country where you’ve hired the vehicle. You won’t be able to claim for off-road use of an unsuitable vehicle, nor will you be able to claim if you’ve used your car rental for business use.

Some policies also refuse to cover flood and water damage, and most will not pay out if there has been some kind of mechanical or electrical fault with the rental vehicle.

Who can take out a car hire damage waiver policy?

You must be over the age of 21 to take out one of these policies, and under the age of 85. You must have a full driving licence, or a licence which is recognised internationally, and states you are able to drive the rental vehicle in question.

Do I need car hire excess insurance on top of the insurance the car hire firm has provided?

Car hire excess insurance is designed to offer added protection on top of the insurance that is included in most European car hire agreements. It will also depend on the excess rates that your car hire insurance has specified. Some can start at around £500, while others can rocket into the thousands, depending on how much damage was sustained. Excess insurance protects you against these potentially hefty charges in the event that your rental car is damaged.

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